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2022: Creation

My theme for 2022 is to create more and share it

by Aaron Tagliaboschi
27 December 2021

The last few years have been rough for me, in ways that are slightly more complex than “just” Covid. I don’t wish to talk about it, but suffice it to say there’s been some fresh struggles.

I’ve found in this quarantine and isolation that creating has been a much needed outlet, and unfortunately I have not created as much as I would like. For example, it has been far, FAR too long since I’ve written to this blog.

A few years ago, CGPGrey introduced (at least to me) the concept of eschewing yearly resolutions for “themes” which you can (and should, I think) read more about here. I’ve decided that my theme for 2022 is going to be creative output.

I enjoy creating and sharing a number of passions and hobbies, and my hope for the new year is to create more and share it here and elsewhere in various ways.

First, I’m hoping to embark on more projects and journeys and document them here. For example, I have project ideas in mind for woodworking, music production/writing, and photography that I hope to share with the world. Next, I want to start doing more technical/educational writing, particularly math, computer science, and music theory. I’m hoping to create and share more creative writing, such as poetry, fiction, and lyrics.

But perhaps most importantly (at least for this blog) I want to share more personal essays and memoirs. I’ve actually been written into a few times over pieces I’ve written and that in and of itself is amazing, but in truth, simply sharing is and incredible feeling and one I enjoy. Pretty much all of this is to say out loud and “publicly” that I plan publishing at least one essay a month, and I want to push to two, and at least one other kind of content (project, creative writing, or technical).

This does sort of pose an interesting question, which is how these new kinds of writing fit into this feed. To me there seems to be around two options: I could either split off these kinds of writings into different blogs (project, fiction, technical, and personal) or I could just make tags and possibly a tagging system. For now I’m going to roll with the latter (and retroactively tag my previous posts).

To be quite honest, I don’t know hardly anything about the readership of this blog, nor the size of it. I know the vast majority of traffic to this site is to /feed.xml, at around 120 requests a day, but that means very little to me. I’d love you hear from folks and see what they think, if anyone even cares at all.