A place to me to dive a little deeper about computers, science, math, art, music, or whatever else I want.

My name is Aaron Tagliaboschi. Here’s some stuff I’m up to:


I really enjoy writing. I’m still fairly new and trying to find my stride, but it at least makes me happy.


I write in a blog sometimes called My Kind of Beauty, where I put thoughts and musings about me and myself. I want to start writing more technical articles and deep dives, but I haven’t yet. That’ll probably be it’s own thing though…

Here’s some of the more recent posts:

Looking Foward to 2024
Not so much a plan as an idea…

‘23 in Review: Wait, what month is it?
Let somethings drop off…

New Album Out Now: Spare
tl;dr: Go listen to my new solo piano EP, Spare

March ‘23 in Review: A small pivot in method
Focusing on inspiration, some games, and updates

February ‘23 in Review
What I’ve been up to for the last month


I play jazz piano and other stuff (but mostly piano and mostly jazz-adjacent).

Here’s where you can find various recordings


I’ve also released an album called Time Enough that I’m incredibly proud of.

Sidenote: I’ve been very pleased with DistroKid as a service, so if you’re looking to release something everywhere and think DistroKid might work, here’s an affiliate link

I was a guest musician on my good friend Martha Christian’s Christmas album, All Will Be Well, where I arranged and and played piano (and midi vibrophone) on a slightly different take on Silent Night


Here lately I’ve been live streaming on YouTube myself playing piano, improvising, analyzing, and making improptu arrangements live on the spot. You can also find other bits of improv and music there as well. I’m trying to develop it a bit more as I learn on the guitar.


I’m started to take a dive into visual art, specifically watercolour. It’s been incredibly rewarding, even though, as Ira Glass might put it, my skill level and understanding of the medium is still far behind my taste. I’ve been participating in Inktober 2020, a tradition where you create and post a piece of art every day in October. You can follow my progress (and my art in general) on my Instagram (@amtunlimited).

Web Toys

Every once in a while I make something small or silly (another thing I’d like to do more).

Here’s a couple hosted here:

Average Response (Code)
What does averaging the HTTP response code of every request sent from Firefox mean? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
Fireworks (Code)
A small visual demo I coded live for a hgih school class demonstration
AMTunLimited (Code)
This very website is a playground for me, as well as an attempt to make as minimal a website as I can that’s still sharable.
TTT-js (Code)
A demo of the minimax algorithm by way of a really inefficient tic-tac-toe AI

I don’t really do social media, but there’s a RSS feed for my blog and a mailing list (linked below), and all of the various music platforms have subscriptions. Drop me an email if you’ve seen anything you liked.

Peace be with you, however you may find it, and good luck.